Clinical Psychology and Therapy Services
Dr Adam Jarvis, BSc (Hons), ClinPsyD, CPsychol, AFBPsP

Clinical Psychology Services

Specialist Services

Clinical Supervision

I have extended training and experience of clinical supervision having previously supervised qualified and unqualified Psychologists, as well as non-Psychologist health professionals including Occupational Therapists, Nurses and Social Workers.

I usually work within Kadushin’s model of supervision; offering supportive, educational and administrative functions of supervision. This means that I endeavour to contain supervisees and offer a process-level understanding of therapeutic relationships, offer advice regarding presenting problems and therapeutic models, and also advice regarding good standards of work and working practices.

Please contact me if you would like to have an informal discussion about the clinical supervision that I could offer.


Coaching is distinct from supervision and offers support for an individual to achieve personal and professional growth. This can help increase performance, effectiveness and efficiency in your job and other areas of your life. It can help you expand your circle of influence and build mastery and agency, as well as improve emotional resilience.

I have specific expertise in coaching developed during my completion of an Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) endorsed training programme. Please contact me if you would like an informal discussion to see if coaching is something that you could benefit from.

In addition to individual coaching, I can also offer consultancy and teaching/training to organisations in order to build understanding of emotional wellbeing and resilience within teams. This can help improve performance, effectiveness and efficiency as well as supporting staff who may be encountering organisational transition/change.

Structured Clinical Assessments

I can offer structured clinical assessments in a number of areas:

Cognitive Assessments

I am accredited to administer Neuropsychological tests in order to measure an individual’s cognitive functioning. This includes current cognitive functioning (including IQ), memory, and specific cognitive domains such as executive functioning. I have additional training in the administration, interpretation and reporting of cognitive assessments and can provide recommendations for accommodations which may be helpful for an individual to make in order to optimise their functioning and achieve their goals, as well as any support which may be beneficial for performance and wellbeing. In order to achieve as comprehensive, informative and useful assessment as possible, I use a combination of clinical interviewing, Neuropsychological assessment tools and (with permission from the examinee), collateral information from somebody who knows the individual well.

For additional information in relation to cognitive assessments for the court, please see Expert Witness section below.


I have extended experience of structured clinical assessment of personality. If personality factors may be contributing to difficulties with relationships, occupation, leisure activities or wellbeing then I can offer a comprehensive assessment of personality, based on a combination of direct clinical interviewing and informant interview with somebody who knows the individual well and has had the opportunity to observe patterns in behaviours.


I have extensive experience of structured clinical assessment of psychosis and can select from a range of measures in order to provide a reliable and valid measure of a person’s unusual beliefs or disturbing experiences including audio and visual hallucination amongst others. I can also assess insight and level of distress caused by a psychosis.

Teaching and Training

I can develop and deliver a range of teaching and training packages or presentations for academic, health promotion and business purposes.

I have diverse experience of giving presentations on topics of emotional wellbeing, therapeutic interventions, personality disorders, ethical discourses and research, within healthcare and academic settings and public events.

If you are in need of either a workshop, training programme, 'away day' or presentation, then please contact me with a brief summary of your teaching, training or presentation aims and I can offer a suggested outline of content and a quotation.

Expert Witness

I am a member of the Directory of Expert Witnesses with the BPS and can provide medico-legal reports for Family, Criminal and Civil Courts. Specific areas of expertise that I can provide reports for are in relation to cognitive functioning, learning disability, head/brain injuries, parenting assessments and impact of mental health, cognitive ability or personality, psychosis, personality disorder, trauma/PTSD and malingering.

I have particular experience and expertise providing reports for the family court including assessment of parent mental health and cognitive functioning and the impact of this on parenting ability and litigation capacity.

For rates and more information regarding the types of assessments and reports I can provide, or to find out whether there is another field which I can offer expert witness services for, please contact me.